With the word marginalization current on the lips of every Cameroonians, especially the Anglophones, the public has been urged to stop the marginalization and exploitation of physically challenged women.


© Ashu Manfred l La Voix Des Décideurs –  This appeal was made by the president of Close The Gap Ayah Takang Ayuk on the occasion of the end of year meeting of that association that took place at the Meme delegation of youth and civic Education Kumba on Saturday 17 December 2016.

Close The Gap based in Kumba is an association of physically challenged person in Meme division.

In his address Takang Ayah Ayuk said the end of year meeting was aimed at evaluating the activities of the group in the past 12months and to prepare better for the year 2017.

Looking back, Ayah Takang Ayuk said in the year 2016 the association has achieved some major strides in empowering the physically challenged either by assisting them financially or creating jobs for some.  He further promised that in the year 2017, all the handicapped person in Meme division would be financially empowered to earn a living for themselves and for their family members.

He then went on to decry the marginalization, exploitation and sexual harassment disable females by some able male members of the public and regretted that this phenomenon is common in Meme because the authorities that be have failed in their duty and responsibility to protect the rights of handicapped persons, especially the females.

The Meme Delegate of Social Affairs was not invited for the end of year celebration of Close The Gap.  Taking Ayah Ayuk said the delegate was not extended an invitation because the government has failed in her duty to protect the rights of physically challenged persons.



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