Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh Friday 16 December 2016 received the SCOOP Newspaper 2016 Excellence Award.  

 © Ashu Manfred l La Voix Des Décideurs –   The Colourful ceremony that took place at Elongo Gardens Hotel Kumba was attended by about 60 members of TheFomunyoh Foundation TFF in Cameroon, Africa and Europe.

In his address, the chairman of the organizing committee who also doubles as The Government Delegate of the Kumba city council Victor Ngoh Nkele said it was his pleasure to preside over the colourful ceremony organized by The SCOOP Media Group, and that Dr. Fomunyoh emerged laureate over the others shortlisted after a careful screening exercise.


Victor Ngoh Nkele further observed that the award of excellence is part of the Cameroonian culture perpetrated by president Paul Biya.  He buttressed this point by citing the reception the president accorded the lionesses at Unity Palace at the end of the 2016 AFCON games.


He then went on to chronicle the academic, political and professional repertoire of Dr. Fomunyoh that merited the award.  Dr. Fomunyoh is a senior Associate Fellow at the National Democratic Institute NDI in Washington.  The SCOOP newspaper is based in Kumba.  The excellence award also coincided with the 5th anniversary of that publication.


The Government Delegate also congratulated The SCOOP newspaper for always showcasing and highlighting excellence in some Cameroonians and that the publisher and managing Editor of the publication Larry Esong Akang also deserves an award.

In his speech, Dr. Fomunyoh said he was much humbled to be the recipient of the 2016 SCOOP Excellence Award and that the award was timely given he was accompanied by members of TFF from Maroua, Bertoua, other regions in the country, Abidjan, Germany, etc.  He also mentioned that he was glad to be in Kumba to witness the legendary hospitality of the people and the enhancement of human excellence and investment.

Saddened by the killings in the Northwest and Southwest regions, Dr. Fomunyoh, while calling for meaningful dialogue deployed the killing and maiming of unarmed civilians by the security forces.

In his terse intervention, the publisher and CEO of SCOOP Larry Esong Akang thanked Dr. Fomunyoh for Shelving his busy schedule for the award.  Dr. Fomunyoh was later decorated in Bakossi traditional attire; various traditional dance group animated the event.  The Bafaw Traditional council was also present.




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