Nkambe terrorist attack : Barrister Emmanuel Nsahlai to call for Justice and  support for the victims

During a press conference held in Djeuga Palace Hotel today 22nd february 2024,Barrister Emmanuel Nsahlai discussed the legal actions being pursued for the victims and called for mobilisation support for the victims and affected communities. 




La Voix Des DécideursThe main objective was first to discuss the legal actions carried out by the Nsahlai Law Firm based in the United States of America in Los Angeles. Second, it stood to highlight the ongoing crisis without omitting to call for mobilisation support for the victims and affected communities.

After recognising the efforts of the government authorities, Barrister Emmanuel recommended the government to look for a way to find solutions to definitely solve the conflict. Before a full room audience of journalists, victims, special guests from Humanitarians Organisations, the man of Law expressed his will to see the North West and the South West regions free from the ongoing social unrest.



An appeal to International Community

In the same vein, he denounced all the leaders responsible of the terrorism attacks occuring in the North and South West regions. He said the juridical actions will never stop finding ways to capture them all wherever they are for responding for their acts.

Quoting the fact that many of the said Ambazonian leaders have taken nationalities in Italia, France, Germany, USA… where they are leaving, Barrister Emmanuel appealed to the International Community. He said : ‘’…These victims who stand with us today, look up to you for justice. They implore you to recognize that by allowing these accused terrorists to live freely within your borders, there is a shadow cast over the global commitment to peace and stability’’...

Reassuring the Nsahlai Law Firm commitment to foolow up investigations to capture those actors of the NoSo genocide, he added : ‘’…In the coming days, we will reach out to you, armed with evidence, inviting you to join us in a united front against terrorism…’’.




Some testimonies from the victims

Among the victims, was one of Florence Anyafor’s daughter, the jail guard woman that was headed in the south west two years ago. In her heart, pains are still fresh. Since her mother’s life was taken by the amba boys, misery and tears reigns in that family today.

Having taken refuge in Yaoundé due to daily and anonymous threats from separatists, the children live with their uncle where they follow up their studies as best they can. Many other victims were interviewed by the press.


Florence Anyafor’s daughter, the Jail guard woman that was headed in the south west two years ago



Following the lady who is actually in Upper Six the government authorities have not yet done anything for them despite their mother has worked as a civil servant.


By  La Voix Des Décideurs |  Joseph Ayangma




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