Cocoa and coffee sector : Experts to reinforce producer’s competences

From the 6th to the 8th June 2023, Yaounde will be witnessing an iinternational scientific conference under the theme: ‘’ Practical approach to adaptation of cocoa and coffee cultivation to climate change ’’.



La Voix Des Décideurs – For three days, cocoa and coffee producers will be acquiring interprofessional councils and strategies to fight against climate change at various levels. It is a scientific conference that aims at the professionalization of operators in the cocoa-coffee sector. It must be said that it is a macro-structure, which brings together several and which will reinforce cocoa and coffee producers to face of climate change challenges.

According to the program, experts from five countries (Cameroon, Italy, France, Kenya and Ivory Coast) will develop presentations on various themes such as ”challenges on the production of cocoa and coffee; ways for adapting to climate change,’’ to name but a few.

The three days workshop started at 09.30 am on June 6th 2023, by an inaugural presentation from Pr. Benoit Marçais on potential impact of climate change on woody plant diseases. « The days of Wednesday and next Thursday are full of expectations for us regarding the resilience factor of cocoa and coffee, » said a producer who came to this international climate conference. Three tracks will be offered and developed in that way, following the agenda. We have development of new varieties that are resilient to climatic variations, irrigation of cocoa and coffee plantations and agroforestry.



About the cocoa and coffee interprofessional council

The Cocoa and Coffee Interprofessional Council (CICC) brings together professional organizations from agriculture, trade, industry and services in the cocoa and coffee, Robusta and Arabica sectors in Cameroon. It is a place for meetings, exchanges, sharing and reflection in order to identify the comparative advantages of the sectors.

The CICC is part of a dynamic of action, representation, coordination, liaison and information on its members and for its members who are a hundred producer organizations (Cooperatives, Common Initiative Group – GIC, Unions, Federations and Cooperatives).

The Group of Exporters (GEX) which brings together around twenty members for more than 80% of the products exported. The Syndicate of Cocoa and Coffee Factory Manufacturers and Buyers of Cameroon (SUACC), in full restructuring. And the cocoa and coffee processing industries, which target 30% of national production.


La Voix Des Décideurs – By Joseph Ayangma




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